My very first hat!

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Monday, November 03, 2014
So, I knitted a hat! Well, actually, I knit it a year ago but have only just gotten around to taking pictures of it today The good news is, I still love it as much as when I made it, and I can't wait to wear it loads this winter! I used Penelope Rae's pattern for the Perfect Knit Slouch hat. It's a simple pattern, but it was so quick to make, I kept it by the side of the sofa while I was making it and whenever I was watching an episode of Coronation Street or something equally silly, I'd just pick it up and knit a few rows so even though I was (still am!) a beginner knitter, it came together really easily for me.

2 comments on "My very first hat!"
  1. what! that's amazing! i tried knitting a hat pretty similar for a while but then gave up because it turns out i'm the worst at knitting. now you just need to open and etsy shop and sell your cute hats..

    1. Haha you're very sweet, and I would LOVE a little online shop one day but I think I'm a while off yet ;) Thanks for your lovely comment though!


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