Ombré Cake

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Thursday, March 03, 2016
Ombré Cake

This cake was supposed to go with my other Valentine's Day themed posts but I didn't get chance to post it. No matter; cake is good for any time of the year! I used a simple, classic Victoria Sponge for the cake itself. With a Victoria Sponge cake, you first weigh your eggs, and then weigh out your sugar, butter and flour in equal portions to match. I used two medium eggs, which gave me enough mixture to make 9 buns, or alternatively would make a small 6 inch cake. Traditionally, a full cake is made with 3 eggs, but the method is the same. I've shared how to make a traditional victoria sponge cake below, if you'd like the recipe!

Ombré Cake

Victoria Sponge Ombré Cake


Self raising flour
Gel food colouring

For the cream:

300ml whipping cream
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 tsp icing sugar


Preheat oven to 180℃

  • As per note above, weigh out three eggs and make a note of the weight
  • Weigh out equal measures of the self raising flour, butter and sugar to the same as the eggs weight
  • Cream butter and sugar together in mixing bowl
  • Beat eggs together, and add a drop at a time into the butter mixture. It's important to add slowly and get a lot of air for a light, fluffy cake. I mix mine in my kitchen aid type appliance. As you're adding the eggs, you might notice that the mixture appears to "split". If this happens, don't worry: the cake might not be quite as light, but it is not "off" and it will not affect the taste
  • Once all the egg is added to the butter mixture, start folding in the flour, a spoonful at a time until combined
  • Divide mixture into five bowls
  • Add food colouring. Start with just one drop in the first bowl, and then double the amount of drops for each subsequent bowls, so: 1 drop, 2 drops, 4 drops, 8 drops, 16 drops. I find gel food colouring to be by far the best I've tried, but you can use any.
  • Pour mixture into prepared cake tins, be sure to keep a note of which order of light to dark they go
  • Bake in the oven for around 20 minutes, but check regularly. The cake should be golden brown when cooked, will spring back when you gently press the top, and a skewer inserted into the middle should come out clean
  • Leave to cool
  • Whip cream with vanilla extract and icing sugar
  • Reserving half the cream mixture, spread a quarter of the remaining half over the top of the darkest cake, and then sandwich the second lightest on top, repeat for remaining cakes
  • Spread cream over sides and tops of cake and decorate with sprinkles!

    Ombré Cake
  • 1 comment on "Ombré Cake"
    1. This looks delicious! Love the ombre effect, would love to give something like this a go, just not sure I have the patience!!?!


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